Citrulline malate 1000 mg


Active ingredients (in 1 sachet): Citrulline malate 1000mg

Other ingredients: sodium hydroxide solution (as a pH corrector), flavouring orange, purified water

2. What is the purpose of VITAPURE VIDROL and what it is used for?

Contributes to better energy production.

Decreases fatigue and muscle soreness.

Protects brain function in case of mental tiredness or stress.

Increases athletic performance and workout capacity.

Improves energy recovery after illnesses or infection.


VITAPURE VIDROL contains citrulline malate.

Citrulline malate helps to increase energy levels by turning fat, protein and carbohydrates into energy. It stimulates the body to convert energy into lactic acid which produced during exercise, thus slowing the muscle fatigue. Citrulline contributes to the increased production of nitric oxide, which increases blood flow to working muscles by providing them with more nutrients and oxygen, thereby increasing muscle strength, endurance and energy. The compound is involved in the urea cycle, where ammonia is converted into urea and discharged from the body.

Citrulline malate improves athletic performance as well as it is effective in reducing mental fatigue in periods of stress or brain exhaustion. It supports energy recovery after periods of disease or infection.

4.  Before taking VITAPURE VIDROL

Do not take VITAPURE VIDROL if you are hypersensitive to the active substance or to any of the other ingredients. It is not a substitute for a balanced diet. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

5.  How to take VITAPURE VIDROL

Adults -1 sachet, dissolved in glass of water or appropriate liquid, up to 3 times a day.

For children over 6 years - 1 sachet, up to 2 times a day.

Vidrol does not contain sugar and alcohol.

Vidrol has no effect on sleep.

Vidrol does not contain psychotropic and doping substances.

6.  How to store VITAPURE VIDROL  

At room temperature, out of the reach of children.

Do not use VITAPURE VIDROL after the expiration date marked on the cardboard box or the sachet.